Lindeman Island

Whitsunday Club Med Lindeman Island Attractions & Excursions

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A holiday at Club Med Lindeman Island is not just about exploring Lindeman Island's stunning flora, fauna and surrounding reef. It's also about the opportunity to venture further than the beautiful slice of beach outside your hotel room. The Great Barrier Reef and the neighbouring Whitsunday Islands await, so expect to be tempted to explore the natural offerings in the neighbourhood.

Take your pick from one or more of the plentiful offerings in the excursion program and nearby attractions. Scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, quad bike tours, horse riding, island cruises, and helicopter rides are just some of the activities to thrill and entertain you during your holiday on Lindeman Island, Whitsunday Islands.

Scuba diving in Australia is a particularly popular activity, thanks to the abundance of beautiful coral reef and tropical fish in pockets of the sea surrounding the continent. Lindeman Island scuba diving doesn't disappoint! Keen water lovers travel from all over the world to experience Whitsunday scuba diving delights, so be sure to join one of the Lindeman Island diving groups during your stay.

If you feel like experiencing a bustling island community, take a visit to the Whitsunday jewel of Hamilton Island. Regular Hamilton Island day trips introduce holiday makers to the intriguing boutique shops and art galleries, and inviting restaurants, bistros and bars.

If you choose a cruise to the peaceful untouched island of Whitehaven Beach, you can expect to indulge in a lovely buffet lunch onboard, followed by a spot of beach volleyball perhaps or some beachcombing. Whatever makes you happy!

Snorkelling off Lindeman Island